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Bath Short Hair 0-10 lbs


Bath Short Hair 11-20 lbs


Bath Short Hair 21-40 lbs


Bath Short Hair 41-65 lbs


Bath Short Hair 65 -100 lbs


Bath Short Hair 101 lbs and up


Bath Long Hair 0-10 lbs


Bath Long Hair 11-20 lbs


Bath Long Hair 21-40 lbs


Bath Long Hair 41-65 lbs


Bath Long Hair 65-100 lbs


Bath Long Hair 101 lbs and up


Learn more about our pet bathing services and de-shedding treatments

Our trained groomers will bathe your pet using high-quality salon shampoos and conditioners for the best result. We use the best shampoos, conditioners, and styling sprays for a shiny and silky coat. Count on us for brush-out and blow drying services as well.

Rely on us to clip the nails and clean the ears, external anal glands and paw pads care of your pet. That's not all! Sanitary shaving is also included in our bathing services.

Pamper your pet at our well-equipped grooming salon

Bath for Short hair dogs

Bath for Long hair dogs

Cat Bath Long Hair


Cat Bath Short Hair


Cat Bath

De- Shedding 0-10 lbs Add On


De- Shedding 11-20 lbs Add On



De-Shedding 41-65 lbs Add On


De- Shedding 66-100 lbs Add On


De-Shedding 101lbs and Up Add On


De Shedding 21-40 lbs Add On

Our one of a kind De Shedding treatments leave your pets coat clean, smooth and luxurious. We use a special shampoo that helps release the already shedding coat. Then we take our condtioner and blow the conditioner into the fur, blowing out the shedding coat. We rinse and blow the coat dry the fur, leaving your pet up to 90% less shedding hair.


Repeat every 4-6 weeks for the best results. The average pets hair growth cycle is between 4-6 weeks.


Cat de-shedding is available based off weight!