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Cat Bath Long Hair


Cat Bath Short Hair


Our cat grooming services are one of a kind. We offer services on any cat that is able to be groomed with out sedation. We offer services as quick and simple as a quick nail trim to more in depth services such as a de-shedding treatment.


We try to book our kitty friends first thing in the morning to reduces stress and gives us time to give them breaks if they need.


We require the kitties to have their rabies certification and recommend that they are up to date on all of their shots.


We ask that you be understanding that grooming for cats who have not been groomed at a grooming salon before can be very scary. That is why we ask you to come and get your kitty friend as soon as they are done. We ask between 1 hour to 4 hours depending on your cat.

Cat baths

Baths enclude ears cleaned, nails trimmed, small sanitary trim, shampoo and conditioner.


De-Shedding packages are added onto a bath, trim up or haircut package. It is a specail shampoo and conditioner formulated to help open the poors of the skin to drop out loose shedding hair. We then take a magical conditioner that makes all of the loose hair very slick and blow it out. We rinse the coat and blow it dry, blowing out the loose hair and brust for 30 additonal minutes. Prices are based off of weight for cats and dogs.

De- Shedding 0-10 lbs Add On


De- Shedding 11-20 lbs Add On



De-Shedding 41- 65 lbs Add On


De- Shedding 66- 100 lbs Add On


De-Shedding 101 lbs and Up Add On


De Shedding 21-40 lbs Add On

You can also purchase a variety of pet care products from our boutique. We offer a 10% military discount on all our services and a $10 referral discount, you can use up to $20 at a time. Your referrals must come in with your name at the time of service.